Morgan Tocker (mtocker) wrote,
Morgan Tocker

My MySQL Conference Submission 2010: Workarounds

I just submitted an abstract for the MySQL Conference 2010. What do I want to talk about? Workarounds.

Domas likes to do tricks with GDB. Sheeri likes symlinking log files to /dev/null when not in use. Peter likes to do what he calls a delayed join, and I like to use IN() lists.

What's your favorite workaround? Are there any that you've seen people use in production that no longer work (or could be considered harmful)?

What I can think of so far:
* We no longer have to use this .frm trick on ENUM columns in 5.1.
* Remembering to "FLUSH LOGS" when you delete the log file and add the symlink is important ;) You can't see them in an ls, but the open log files will just keep growing in the background (can be seen with lsof). If you're using MySQL 5.1, it's much better just to handle this at the mysql server level.

Input wanted!
Tags: mysql

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