Morgan Tocker (mtocker) wrote,
Morgan Tocker

Moving on from Couchsurfing

So, a couple of months after resigning from I'm ready to announce I've started my own project that I'm calling "share the love" (it's a working name, but I like it so far).

I like what is working on, but I figured that I had some ideas I wanted to try out that would mesh better in its own system.

Here are a few of them:

* Network driven searching (people who are friends, or friends of friends show up in search results first).
* "Couchme" reserve couchsurfing (Ask someone to come stay on your couch).
* Tagging (more on this later).

I'm predicting critics will say that it will be difficult to compete with because it has critical mass. That's not really how I'm measuring success in this case; since my goal if more for people to download the software and run their own hospitality exchange networks.

I'm planning some webservices-foo so that networks will be able to exchange information and search across each-others user base. Having a distributed system might help reduce some of big-brother problems I have with (or about any other social network).

You can check out the project here:
Share the love.

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