Morgan Tocker (mtocker) wrote,
Morgan Tocker

Efficient way to copy large amounts of data?

Dear Lazyweb,

Yesterday I tried to Rsync a MySQL data directory from serverA to serverB on the same network. I thought that if out of a few hunded gigabytes maybe 2% changed, this should work, right? Wrong. Rsync is designed to minimize bandwidth, so in my case it was *much* quicker to wipe the data and start again (I feel this is something I should have known earlier, but it doesn't hurt to try and share your mistakes).

Which gets me thinking - it doesn't have to be this way. Bit-torrent works in a similar way to Rsync, but it's certainly not network efficient. Are there any projects similar to Rsync that are using network-hungry algorithms to try and make sure that two directories are in sync with the goal just being as fast as possible?
Tags: mysql
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