Morgan Tocker (mtocker) wrote,
Morgan Tocker

My Wishlist - Do you have a product you can recommend?

One of the concepts of clustering, is that the secondary node may need to stonith the primary node in a forced take over in order to make it give up shared resources. This works great on more expensive hardware that has a management interface like IPMI, but my 'toys' budget is a little more limited.

It's equally possible to just cut the node off at it's power source. Does anyone know of a (cheap) power strip with a serial[1]/usb[1]/network interface where I can send signals to cut off individual ports power?

If I can't switch off individual power ports, I will need to buy two and have the nodes each manage the opposite node's power.

[1] If it's serial or USB I'll need to use a third node as a proxy to the device, which is annoying, but quite possible.
Tags: drbd, mysql
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