Morgan Tocker (mtocker) wrote,
Morgan Tocker

Researching Amazon EC2 for MySQL Usage

I'm a little curious to know how MySQL will run on what is essentially a virtualized environment. Normally a database server would be disk-bound, and it seems that for at least the interim, Amazon is not giving you much choice in the way of disk subsystems, since essentially shutting down a node means you loose all data. I have an EC2 account, so I plan to begin running sysbench tests shortly.

I was pointed to this link via one of the attendees of the MySQL User group in Montreal.

The concept is nice - and it's true that it's good to be able to fire up new instances so you can get your system up and running while you audit through what happened. I'm not sure I would use someone else's scripts though, since it doesn't look like they're either (a) open source or (b) remotely describe how they are written/work, so there's going to be zero room for customization.

What has been other peoples experiences?
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